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What are gray market and counterfeit products and how do they affect you?

Gray market products are items produced for a market outside the United States and are manufactured for different specifications and usually with different labels. The product is sold at a significantly reduced price for sale in a lesser market, and is shipped for resale to that country’s dentists. Unauthorized businesses will then redirect the product to the United States for sale at a substantial savings and at great risk to the quality of care for the dental patient. By purchasing gray market products, dentists are exposing themselves to unnecessary risk and liability for defective items.

How to identify gray market products
  • A very low price that seems too good to be true
  • An unauthorized dealer is selling the product*
  • The product bears altered or unusual packaging
Genuine dental products provide
  • Consistent product performance
  • Peace of mind
  • Support
  • Happy and healthy patients
*Contact Midwest Dental at (800) 766-2025 for a list of authorized dealers.
**Use of an authorized distributor eliminates the need for any other action.
The risks of gray market products
  • Do not comply with U.S. laws
  • Are not genuine (counterfeit)
  • No warranty through the dealer or manufacturer
  • Obvious risks to the patient from altered or counterfeit products
  • All legal liability will be held by the purchaser
Take action against gray market products
  • Use only authorized distributors**
  • Pass on any deal that looks too good to be true
  • Inspect the product packaging for a lot number and expiration date

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